GT Motive for Insurers
GT Motive for Insurers

Unprecedented visibility and accuracy.

Connecting insurers, repairers, and accident management businesses within a modern platform that provides visibility and accessibility to the information needed to manage motor claims effortlessly.

GT Global is a collaborative ecosystem that connects the latest workflow technology for engineering and claims management with GT Motive’s core capabilities around estimatics and data; enabling all stakeholders to collaborate and communicate easily through a secure platform.

The game changer has arrived.

“Thanks to GT Global, we have experienced significant improvements in our productivity, cost savings, and overall operational effectiveness. They have truly become an integral part of our team, providing us with reliable technology solutions that give us a competitive edge in the marketal effectiveness. They have truly become an integral part of our team.”

Andrew Eade, First Central

A modern claims eco-system. 

Cloud based
Device agnostic, 100% online, no installation.
Modular & connected
Highly configurable, completely scalable, connects to al third party solutions,
Secure & robust
Fully GDPR compliant, enhanced security encryption.
Electronic invoicing
Total loss cases, repaired vehicles, specialist and inherited costs, retail invoicing.
Advanced rulesets
Drives compliance into the supply chain, reduces supplements, enables auto-approval.
Total loss workflow
Integrated valuations for non-repairable vehicles, automated deployment into salvage partner.

Say goodbye to legacy systems...

GT Motive UK

...and hello to the future.

Don’t put your operations and supply chain at risk with a single point of failure.

With GT Motive’s modern eco-system, you can have all your claims operations in one place, hosted on the cloud making it always accessible and always up to date.

There’s no lengthy installations or updates causing blackouts.

Just a flexible and intelligent platform that can keep your business moving.

Our unique estimatics solution