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Accurate Data

With more accurate and up to date information within the system, we will reduce the number of supplements required and enable your productivity to remain at the highest level

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GT Motive UK Accurate Data

Comprehensive ecosystem

GT Global is a comprehensive ecosystem which encompasses a cloud-based estimating system for calculating the cost of repairs on parts, labor, and paint following a collision, mechanical breakdown and/or inspection appraisals using OEM figures, which includes VIN identification, AZT paint calculation and links to Thatcham Research methods.

Built on a single database and common structure with a single integration point to the platform across all of Europe, GT Global offers the most complete catalogue of both collision and maintenance, based on OE data.

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Data Sources

Ensuring that all prices within the platform are always up to date and removing the need for duplication of entry and supplementary estimates, new models are added every 2 weeks and parts prices are updated the day after receipt from the manufacturer.

The system includes all regional paint systems and providers to fulfill local workflows (i.e. AZT, Thatcham, VRN lookup, etc.) and can be configured to connect with other providers as required. With Vin Queries included as standard, users gain access to specific build sheet data across all main manufacturers increasing the accuracy of estimates and reducing errors.

Open and collaborative

Sustainable future proofing through better integration with key market players, management systems, and after-market parts providers.

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Enhanced accurary

Parts prices and vehicle model data is always the most up to date, VIN queries come as part of the package, ADAS simply displayed.


Accessible on any web enabled device, at any time, each user will have access to the latest version ensuring everyone in the group is working off the same system.

GT Motive UK Accurate Data Portal

Easy and transparent

We believe that all of our customers should have easy and transparent access to their information, and be presented with information through insightful reporting to support the analysis of all business intelligence.

Making everything accessible and insightful through custom reporting, you can make better decisions and have total clarity on every aspect of your business. In addition, you can request data feeds containing any amount of information from the system to be sent daily/weekly or monthly in whichever format best suits your internal needs.