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Powerful, customisable and simple to use visualisation dashboards giving instant access to insights and trends

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Actionable Insights

GT Motive simplifies thousands of lines of data into an analytical ecosystem which gives the user powerful visualisation tools to gain real time insights and monitor trends.

Through a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can analyse vast amounts of data from multiple datastreams in real time to support improved decision making and audits.

Data Management

With GT Global you gain full access to all of your data. This data can be downloaded and imported into your own reporting suite or analysed through GT Motive’s online visualisation tools.

In addition, GT Global enables you to import data from 3rd parties into the platform to add wider information and context to the reports presented.

Open and collaborative

Supporting your need to deliver the most efficient and seamless provision to your customers, GT Global can be integrated with any 3rd party supplier through simple API functionality to collate all your data into one single platform.

Accuracy = Higher productivity

With more accurate and up to date data within the system (part price, VIN query and ADAS identification) GT Motive will reduce the number of supplements required and any double keying; enabling your productivity to remain at the highest level.


Always up to date, GT Global ensures that you will always benefit from the latest updates and newest features. With seamless updates executed daily in the background, you will never see any detriment to performance.

Accessible data

Making all data accessible and insightful through custom reporting, you can make better decisions and have total clarity on every aspect of your claims.