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Built on a single web-based platform, GT Global is the most flexible and modern solution for automotive claims management and is used globally by many of the leading insurers, leasing companies, claims management companies and repairers.

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Collation of all claims data into one easy to use user-centric platform, for comprehensive review and analysis.

Delivering exceptional service by reducing claims costs and cycle times, GT Global has been built to drive increased productivity through intuitive and efficient processes and offers complete flexibility through an open and collaborative approach to 3rd party applications through simple API functionality – fostering a collaborative approach to the best claims experience for the customer.

Open and collaborative


Continuous innovation

Constantly updated

Better integrations

Easy access to data

Clear and simple reporting

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Connecting all stakeholders within a modern platform that provides all required information to manage motor claims effortlessly, GT Global stands as much more than a viable alternative to other platforms in the market, without the long-term contracts and additional costs.

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Through seamless and automated updates, GT Global is always up to date with the latest innovations and newest features.

With no heavy IT infrastructure or installation requirements, and offering unlimited scalability, GT Global is simple to setup and guarantees that all operatives will be on the exact same version of the platform.

Combining millions of lines of complex data and presenting it in the most simple and useful way for analysis and decision making, GT Global offers complete clarity on every aspect of your claims.