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A roundup of new technologies implemented by GT Motive so far.


In the ever-evolving landscape of estimatics and motor claims management, GT Motive has been a true trailblazer, introducing a suite of innovative technologies to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration within the industry.

At GT Motive, our commitment to innovation is evident in the implementation of GT Global, GT, GT Estimate, GT Fusion, and GT QCheck, all of which are technologies built to address both the current challenges in the estimatics industry, as well as to lay the foundation for a future marked by continuous advancements.

So without further a due, let’s take a deeper dive into what these solutions really look like.

GT Global: providing unprecedented visibility and accuracy

GT Global acts as a collaborative ecosystem connecting insurers, repairers, and accident management businesses. It’s a modern platform which provides unparalleled visibility and accessibility, simplifying motor claims management for all stakeholders, and with its roots deeply embedded in workflow technology, engineering, and claims management, GT Global seamlessly integrates with GT Motive’s estimatics and data capabilities.

Key features of GT Global include:

  • Comprehensive and accurate data: offering access to 38 vehicle manufacturers and over 1759 models, GT Global offers an impressive 97-98% car parc coverage
  • Daily updates on OE parts prices: to ensure precise estimates, minimising supplements and costs
  • A responsive cloud-based platform: as a software based and installation-free platform, GT Global is accessible on any web-enabled device at any time
  • Multiple profiles and schemes: offering robust scheme and profile capabilities to ensure safe and proper repairs whilst offering high configurability
  • Modular and connected workflows: all of which are highly configurable and completely scalable, with GT Global connecting seamlessly into third-party solutions
  • Security integrations: thanks to an open API’s for flexibility, accessible data, and automatic updates, allow GT Global to streamline operations
  • Advanced rulesets: which drive compliance into the supply chain, reducing supplements, and enabling auto-approval of repair estimates.
  • Electronic invoicing and total loss workflows: which streamline processes for total loss cases, repaired vehicles and integrated valuations for non-repairable vehicles
  • And GT Estimate integration: fully seamless integration to provide complete control of costs, including detailed VIN identification, including ADAS

In other words, GT Global is a game-changer like no other, offering a fresh and modern approach to claims processing.

It’s a collaborative platform built to facilitate a frictionless experience, all whilst fostering flexibility, connectivity, and improving cost control.

GT Estimate: the modern claims estimation solution

GT Estimate provides comprehensive information on parts, labour, and paint, boasting the largest, most reliable, and comprehensive database and technical information in the market.

Key features of GT Estimate include:

  • Manufacturer support: with OEM information updated daily, GT Estimate ensures the production of the most accurate estimates
  • Aligned industry standards: the solution is designed with comprehensive manufacturer support, to enhance accuracy and reliability in estimating costs
  • Freedom to estimate: as a cloud-based solution, the absence of software installations and IT infrastructure management adds to the user’s freedom, making the estimation process flexible and efficient
  • Secure engineering workflows: ensuring that only designated stakeholders have access to claim information
  • And provides estimates in 5 easy steps such as:
  1. Number plate identification: beginning with initiating the estimation process with precise identification
  2. Equipment decoding through VIN Query™: to leverage VIN Query™ for equipment decoding, ensuring accuracy
  3. Operations selection: to choose operations relevant to the repair process
  4. Results of the estimation: by providing a detailed breakdown of estimated costs
  5. And an estimation PDF final report: where a comprehensive final report is generated for further action

Working to prioritise user experience with high-quality and accurate graphics, GT Estimate ensures quick, easy, and error-free part identification and selection. Its automatic updates, including new parts and pricing added overnight, guarantee that everyone is working on the same version, meaning that each stakeholder is always working to one same version of the truth using the latest information and data.

GT Fusion: collaborative claims optimisation

GT Fusion has been designed to embody GT Motive’s collaborative approach to claims optimisation, providing the highest level of flexibility in a rapidly evolving technology ecosystem.

This open collaboration model empowers customers to choose their preferred technology partners that offer image recognition.

Key features of GT Fusion:

  • An open collaboration model: which offers optimal flexibility through a growing network of AI/ML technology partners.
  • Process automation: with an intelligent transformation layer that translates AI/ML recommendations into precise repair line detail to streamline the claims process.
  • Use case flexibility: where customers have the freedom to determine their target claims automation use case, so that GT Fusion can provide tailored solutions.
  • And most importantly, an improved customer journey: as GT Fusion allows customers to leverage their preferred solution for an enhanced engagement experience.

Partnered with leading Image Capture providers, GT Fusion allows users to improve operational performance further with images that really do speak for themselves.

Thanks to its intelligent image to estimate articulation, this makes the entire GT Motive solution one that the estimatics sector is looking to in order to stay competitive, and to stay abreast of what new technologies are on the horizon too.

GT Qcheck: precision and efficiency

For parts providers currently experiencing poor quality data which needs to be manually checked before they can quote or fulfil the order, GT Qcheck is sure to be an invaluable service.

It’s a service which is currently only available on some manufacturers’ data (although we do expect to achieve 70% coverage by the end of 2024), and works by taking a VIN and part numbers from a parts provider, then checking these against our data set to confirm if the part number is correct, whether it has been superseded (with correction provided) or if it is completely incorrect.

Qcheck is a service designed with the parts provider in mind, and its rollout is aimed at helping those providers reduce their manual overhead costs, cut down on lengthy order processes and limit any potential loss of sales due to part return rates too.

There’s more to come on GT Qcheck very soon – watch this space.

As we look ahead at GT Motive, the excitement about developing more groundbreaking technologies for the estimatics industry is palpable, promising an ongoing revolution in claims management.

The transparency, reliability, and efficiency offered by this existing portfolio drives us forward, as we’re keen to uphold our position as a market leader in shaping the future of estimatics and claims processing.

An estimatics solution like no other

Built to connect all stakeholders and network partners within a single platform, GT Motive offers a modern and intuitive solution for complete claims management that reduces claims costs and cycle times, whilst increasing efficiencies.

Our solution is completely cloud-based and drives effective collaboration through both accurate data and an open, collaborative approach.

This means we’re able to fully ensure that our data is always up to date, accurate, and readily available, from anywhere and at any time. In fact, our prices are updated automatically and daily in our solution, with new vehicle models being added bi- weekly, making us the most reliable and credible estimatics solution for insurers and repairers alike.

But don’t just take our word for it; experience GT Motive for yourself.

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