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An Interview with Chris Clifton

chris clifton

We were recently thrilled to sit down with Chris Clifton, Business Development Manager here at GT Motive, to talk through all there is to know about his background, day-to-day responsibilities and how he envisions GT moving forward.

Q. Thanks so much for your time, Chris! Could start off by letting us know how long you’ve been with GT Motive now?

I’ve been with GT Motive for a total of 2 years on a consultancy basis, but I officially joined full-time starting on May 1st, 2024.

Q. And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join us?

I have dedicated my entire career to the industry since leaving school, covering a wide range of disciplines.

My journey began as a trained panel beater and painter, which provided a solid foundation for my progression into estimating and management roles. My next significant move was into training, where I joined another estimating company as a systems trainer.

This role evolved into an area manager position, where I spent 17 years honing my skills and knowledge. After nearly two decades, I felt it was time for a change, which took me out of the industry for 4 years.

During my consultancy work with GT Motive, I was deeply impressed by their operational excellence, commitment, and collaborative approach with all industry stakeholders.

This experience left no doubt in my mind that joining GT Motive full-time would be a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Q. Could you tell us a little more about your role as Business Development Manager at GT Motive. What does a working day typically look like for you?

As a Business Development Manager at GT Motive, no two days are the same, which is one of the aspects I find most exciting about my role.

My days are diverse and dynamic, ranging from onsite visits where I provide hands-on support to users, to being readily available on the phone for immediate assistance.

Additionally, we have recently initiated regional face-to-face classroom training sessions to help our network familiarize themselves with our system more effectively.

This ensures that I am constantly engaging with clients, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions to enhance their experience with our platform.

Q. Is there a particular area of motor insurance claims or estimatics technology you’re most passionate about, or an area you’re keen to sink your teeth into?

I am particularly passionate about assisting repairers of all shapes and sizes to work more effectively and efficiently, all while maintaining profitability. My goal is to empower them with the right tools and knowledge to streamline their processes and enhance their operational efficiency.

Q. What do you think are the capabilities of the GT Motive solution that really set us apart from others in the market?

One of the standout capabilities of the GT Motive solution is its cloud-based nature, which offers unparalleled flexibility. This allows users to create accurate, up-to-date estimates at any time, whether they are with the vehicle at the site or at a policyholder’s address.

The ability to update estimates on the move further enhances our offering, making it a powerful tool in the hands of our users.

Q. What would you say the opportunities are to improve and expand on our current GT Motive platform capabilities?

The speed at which we can bring new models to market and the frequency of our system enhancements and updates are key opportunities for improvement.

Additionally, the adaptability of our platform, with easy-to-configure API links to any partners, positions us well to continuously innovate and meet the evolving needs of the market.

Q. And how do you see our platform adapting in the future, do you think there is room for us to navigate into new industries?

Absolutely, there are numerous opportunities for us to expand within the market. Potential areas for growth include green parts, third-party parts supply, and glass products, among others.

Our platform’s adaptability and the continuous drive for innovation enable us to explore and enter new industries effectively.

Q. Can we expect any new, upcoming changes for GT Motive?

Yes, we are always striving to improve and be better without compromising our core product. We have the capability to provide a variety of solutions for all our partners, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver exceptional value.

Q. Your role as Business Development Manager means you’re dealing with our customers on a daily basis. How would you say you and your team are committed to helping them?

 Our team is deeply committed to ensuring an exceptional customer journey. We are always available to offer extensive help and support, demonstrating exceptional adaptability throughout all stages of the processes.

Our focus on customer satisfaction is second to none, and we continuously work to meet and exceed their expectations.

Q. During your time with GT Motive, have you experienced a moment where you’ve thought “wow, we’ve done a really great job here”?

While there isn’t one particular moment that stands out, I am consistently impressed by our flexibility and capability to develop, enhance, and build on our current platform.

Our ongoing collaboration with all partners to make significant differences within the industry is truly amazing and continually reinforces the impact we are making.

Q. And now for our final question, if you could choose one goal you’d love to achieve between now and the end of the year, what would it be?

My primary goal is to help our network fully realise the benefits of our platform. I aim to enable them to utilise a system of choice that allows them to remain efficient and profitable throughout.

Achieving this will solidify our position as a leader in the industry and ensure our clients are getting the most out of our solutions.

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