GT Motive for Insurers

An Interview with Steven Hames

Having joined our UK team earlier this year, we wanted to spend some time with Steven Hames, GT Motive’s Business Development Manager.

Steven’s role involves supporting all our customers, from insurers to work providers and repairers, we wanted to steal some of his time to hear all about his industry experience, goals for the future and how his is committed to helping our GT Motive customers.

Q. Thanks so much for your time, Steven! Could you let us know how long you’ve been with GT Motive now?

My pleasure, I joined on Monday the 6th of February this year.

Q. And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join us?

I’ve been in the car repair industry since my first job since leaving school. I have worked in many roles over the years starting as a panel beater, a Vehicle Damage Assessor, a field engineer for Allianz and prior to starting at GT Motive I spent 6 years working as a regional trainer and most recently a business development manager for Audatex. It was whilst working here I learnt of GT motive and the positive feedback from numerous sources regarding their product and culture lead me to find out more about the product.

Q. Could you tell us a little more about your role as Business Development Manager at GT Motive. What does a typical working day look like for you?

A typical day starts with and finishes on my laptop. I book and manage my own diary and try to get out most days. Seeing customers and demoing our system is a big part of my day-to-day duties. We have enquiries through our website and having worked in this industry for many years means my phone is always ringing with interested parties wanting to know more about out proposition.

Recently I have focused on designing and delivering our brand-new instructor led training and successfully rolled out our first course in November 2023.

Q. Is there a particular area of motor insurance claims or estimatics technology you’re most passionate about?

 I am passionate about any solution that takes away stress and streamlines my customer’s processes. With GT Motive’s capabilities and the way it seamlessly links to other solutions, from image capture through to bodyshop management systems, there is always something I can offer to make their lives easier. I was recently with a repairer who wasn’t pre-imaging vehicles and was finding his yard was being clogged up with right-offs, I was able to demo a system, which now means he gets to see the vehicle’s damage before it arrives.

Q. What do you think are the capabilities of the GT Motive solution that really set us apart from others in the market?

Being cloud based GT Motive can be used on any connected device. Its means regular updates are happening seamlessly.

New customers are always pleasantly surprised that there is no down time. Minutes after getting their log in credentials they will be up and running, not having to download software onto a pc saves so much time.

Customers always comment that it has all of the required functionality to easily produce an accurate estimate quickly.

Q. What would you say the opportunities are to improve and expand on our current GT Motive platform capabilities?

We act on feedback and requests from our customers, along with a technical council made up of a number of key stakeholders that work closely with our developers to ensure the upgrades are delivered in order of priority.

Being cloud based updates to the system are easy to release. I know we will be launching many more innovative features in 2024.

Q. And how do you see our platform adapting in the future, do you think there is room for us to navigate into new industries?

We are concentrating on being the best at what we do and its natural given our popularity within the industry and culture within the business that we expand to provide other solutions for our customers.

Q. Your role as Business Development Manager means you’re dealing with our customers on a daily basis. How would you say you and your team are committed to helping them?

We have a great service desk who take ownership in resolving customers service issues. The culture of our team is to take ownership of any challenges our customers may have and deal with them quickly until they are resolved.

Q. Having been with GT Motive for a while now, have you experienced a moment where you’ve thought “wow, we’ve done a really great job here”?

I recall the first on site meeting with a sceptical potential customer who had requested a demo. After some initial resistance the customer could see the benefit in the features and functions, and I felt like I had delivered a great training experience for the customer. He was keen to sign up to GT.

Q. And now for our final question, if you could choose one goal you’d love to achieve over the next 12 months, what would it be?

I would love to see our training function embedded into the calendar with regular instructor led sessions available to everyone, in convenient regional locations.

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