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Cloud-based: What Does This Mean, And How Is It Beneficial?

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When the nature of your business necessitates unrestricted access to a wealth of digital data, then it makes absolute sense to ensure that this, potentially sensitive as well as voluminous material, is safe. Yet readily accessible to those with permissions.  

Cloud-based data works on the principle that a network of remote servers hosted online, stores, manages and processes your crucial data. As opposed to local servers, as was, and personal computers.  

This body of seemingly infinite data – including applications, services, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and resources – is made available to users on demand, from the servers of a dedicated cloud computing provider.  

For all intents and purposes, the ‘cloud’ refers to the internet as an entity, with specialist hosts providing bespoke data handling processes, protocols and practices.  

How Being Cloud-based Make a Difference to Business 

It’s hard to believe, but cloud-based digital data solutions have been with us for the past two decades now, although not all businesses have adopted the technology. However, if you invest heavily in ‘big data’, operating a cloud-based approach will be significantly advantageous.  

Not least because of the business efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and transparency, collaborative opportunities and security aspects which characterise it. Together with a long list of other benefits including flexibility, scalability, access, communication, mobility, insight, quality control, resilience, disaster recovery, loss prevention, sustainability and automated software updates to name but a few.  

Putting our customers’ needs at the core of the business, GT Motive embraced web-based technology from the outset to create the best platform to build a robust infrastructure, infinite in capacity and scalability, offering our customers unlimited versatility and seamless access.  

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Accessibility and Cost-effectiveness  

Accessibility is a huge touchstone of cloud-based solutions, instantly making it possible for users to access data anywhere globally, in any time zone and on any devices to hand.  

Ensuring that users receive the latest data updates (seamlessly introduced in the background) and are notified of the newest features available to them, along with assurances that all sites will be running the same versions of software specific to their business needs are all benefits of GT Motive’s cloud-based software.  

Avoiding installation fees, fixed monthly tariffs, minimum contracts or software and solution fees, costs involved with cloud-based digital data storage is always transparent from the outset. Basically, you only ever pay for what you use, and when you use it, affording the user more control over their technology.   

Streamlined, Simplified. GT Motive Takes Stress Out of Digital Data Accessibility 

The societal shift in the digitally enhanced 21st Century means that it has become a far greater challenge for both individuals and organisations to maintain and interact with increasing volumes of data, programs and system technology on in-house IT servers.  

Cloud-based computing shares fundamental similarities with web-based email clients, in as much as it allows users to access all of the key features and files held on a system, minus the problems associated with accommodating the bulk of said systems within their own computers.  

By facilitating a cloud platform, users are up and running in next to no time, and have instant access to release updates, including both data and software. Avoiding any unnecessary and time-consuming third-party IT effort, while also negating the need for huge storage pre-requisites of old, courtesy of not needing to download volumes of data so as to use our system. 

People are Probably Already Facilitating Cloud-based Infrastructures Without Knowing It 

The everyday likes of Gmail, Google Drive and even Facebook and Instagram are all cloud-based applications which most of us frequent daily, without even realizing it. Consciously or unwittingly, users of these services are forwarding their personal data to a cloud-hosted server which essentially stores this sizable bank of information for access as and when required.  

GT Motive has long been an advocate of fully web-based systems. The innovative GT Global platform was designed to envelop a range of features easily accessed by those operating in key sectors including claims management companies, insurers and repairers. This easily facilitated and adapted virtual tool can be personally tailored to your business model requirements, and automatic connection via any device makes interaction immediate and stress-free. 

Openness and Collaboration Spearheads GT Motive’s Industry-leading Cloud-based Platform 

In terms of methodology for the development of solution and services, GT Motive’s business model is inspired by and dedicated to the principles of streamlining. Where emphasis is prioritised on the individual interactions and customer collaborations, made possible by our market-orientated software.  

This open and collaborative ethos pivots on GT Motive integrating with any 3rd party supplier via simple API functionality, effectively collating all your digital data into the one, singular platform.  

Get in touch today for more information about how our cloud-based software provisions can revolutionise your existing insurance, accident repairs and claims management set-up.