GT Motive for Insurers

Collaboration – But You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Collaboration, in essence, is a two-way process with a common, unifying interest being one of betterment for all collaborators. 

The claims industry is large and diverse with multiple stakeholders and steps within a claim process where collaboration is key to avoiding complication and inefficient processes.

Linking systems and processes may seem like a daunting task but what if you were told collaboration in this ecosphere of technology was easier that you thought. And what if we also told you that there was a platform where all stakeholders could actively decision-make, throughout a mutually beneficial process.

Collaborative Approach Paves the Way For Interaction Without Traditional Limitations

Collaboration enables versatility and greater accessibility to the things people need, and when they need them. To put this into context, we’re referring to the creation of a dedicated platform which is open to integration and collaboration, supporting businesses which utilise this platform.

The best example of this being the secure linking of software solutions to support individual and collective processes through the transfer of data. It’s all about giving people choices and opportunities to design a system which is solid, but in a way where data can move in and out freely to support them.

GT Motive Puts Mechanical and Bodywork information at Users’ Fingertips

GT Global is a dedicated claims application which optimises, references and documents vehicle parts data for multi-user interfacing, as and when necessitated to undertake repair and estimation.

Focusing on the sourcing and compilation of pricing of OE parts and materials, along with repairer judgement and OE designated labour times, the application has revolutionised a previously static sector since its inception. GT Global is widely recognised as the most comprehensive database available to insurers, motor claims management professionals, and vehicle repair businesses.

Elements of Collaboration

Flexibility is as important as collaboration, and before the introduction of GT Motive, the options for both motor claims management and vehicle repairs providers were few and far between.

Now with the advent of accurate estimates being processed from the get-go, repairers and work providers can reap the rewards of increased productivity by significantly minimising the volume of supplements required from an obsolete price list.

GT Global really is just as the name implies, as this far-reaching platform gains users’ access to upwards of 175 different data sources, including OEMs. GT Motive offers a 96 – 98% car parc coverage with the timely addition of new vehicles and models twice a month, so as to continually bolster this compendium of meticulous information.

And then there’s communication. Without which, collaboration is always going to be more of a challenge. Helping to explain why communication between all parties is an equally prized asset which sets GT Global apart in this field. Because it’s this core technological element which initiates collaborative efforts across the board.

Designed With the User In Mind

Collaboration isn’t just all about the data that’s accessible at your fingertips. Collaboration is about being connected to those that matter and can help to achieve an end goal.

It’s something we, at GT Motive pride ourselves on, in order to provide the best possible solutions. We believe strength comes in unity, and that’s why we strive to build connectivity within the supply chain, including repairer management systems, network management systems, other 3rd party platforms.

As its now possible to have all this information at your fingertips it not only makes the process simple for your claimants, it also can greatly improve the users day to day.

Leading Software at the Core of Estimate Platform

With half a century of evolving the motor claims management and repair solutions sector – in terms of the automotive industry – we drew on a wealth of specialist experience when we created the blueprint for our estimation application.

Experience which has led to tens of thousands of users utilising our software to calculate the costs of repairs following on from recorded vehicle collisions. With us quickly becoming the talk of the motor claims sector.

Enabling users to produce estimates on thousands of vehicles which means on the subject of coverage, GT Global holds details on some 97% of all vehicles in the UK at any one time. All of this collaboration paved the way for GT Motive to become the number one partner for businesses in the motor insurance industry and supply chain.

The Future Involves You

To be an active part of our future, and to streamline your business’ medium and long-term objectives, then becoming a collaborative part of our continuing story is a must.

To find out more about what we do and how we go about doing it, get in touch today.