GT Motive for Insurers

The estimatics driving force behind GT Global.

Providing all the information on parts, labour and paint and is now accessible directly through GT Global and has been designed to be able to adapt to any of the latest web-enabled devices and browsers.


GT Estimate’s database and technical information is the largest, most reliable and comprehensive on the market.


GT Estimate uses OEM information and is updated daily to produce the most accurate estimates.


Being cloud-based, you can access GT Estimate on any device, whenever and wherever you are online
with no software to install and no IT infrastructure to manage.

GT Estimate is built to UK standards based on OE data and AZT paint and offers complete peace of mind as it is fully GDPR compliant with enhanced security.

Through its secure engineering workflow, only designated stakeholders have access to the claim information and with an enhanced profile management for different work providers, including estimate options and allowances, there is no risk of sending the information to other parties by mistake.

Estimates in five steps


Number plate identification


Equipment decoding through VIN QueryTM


Operations selection


Result of the estimation


Estimation PDF final report

High-quality and accurate graphics ensure that part identification and selection is quick, easy and error-free.

New parts and pricing are added to the system overnight. No manual updates. No delays. Always available.

We guarantee the safety of your data. GT Estimate TM cannot be intercepted.

The only system to offer mechanics, collision and maintenance repair data.

Compliance with market standards.

Detailed VIN identification including all ADAS options

OEM times and

Comprehensive, reliable vehicle parts database

Extensive mechanical and
body data

Number plate

VIN QueryTM equipment

Via VIN QueryTM = A unique reference per part

Dynamic and accurate

Generic user

Integration with most
common BMS