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Meet Andy: An interview our Senior Solutions Consultant

Andy Douglas and GT Motive logo

Join us as we sit down with Andy Douglas, Senior Solutions Consultant for GT Motive, to hear about his experience within the industry, thoughts on our solution and how the motor claims market is predicted to evolve over the coming years as new technologies continue to emerge.

As GT Motive continue to expand in the estimatics space, we’re delighted to have Andy Douglas on our team as Senior Solutions Consultant. In this sit-down interview, we deep dive into what the future of GT Motive really looks like, how we’ll continue to adapt in the estimatics space, and get some real insights into how Andy sees the industry evolve.

Take it away, Andy

Q. Hi Andy, could you let us know how long you’ve been with GT Motive?

I joined GT Motive back in November 2022, so just approaching my 1st year anniversary with the company.

Q. And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join us?

I have worked within the motor insurance sector since 2007. The majority of that time was working for Audatex, where I spent almost 15 years working as Chief Product Manager, looking after a global suite of decision support products, aimed at streamlining the claims journey and providing key decisions throughout the repair and total loss process, based on big data. I then spent a year working as VP of Claims Transformation for a start-up insurance distributor and underwriter.

When the opportunity to join GT became a possibility, I didn’t hesitate to join the business. The team that had already been built included some industry heavy weights and people I’d both admired and worked with previously. I met with the senior leadership team and I was incredibly impressed by their vision and passion for the business.

I had heard nothing but great things about the products that GT offer in the market, but I was genuinely blown away with GT Global and GT Estimate and how refreshing it is to work for a technology company that actually invests in its technology and is trying to constantly move the products forward, based on the most important thing – customer needs.

Q. What was it that made GT Motive stand out to you as a great place to work?

I had made a conscious decision that my next role needed to be at a company where I’m not just a number and where there is a genuine desire by the business to provide a great environment to work and a healthy work/life balance.

The team in the UK was already strong prior to me joining, and incredibly welcoming. I got a real sense that regardless of location, the team is one big GT family.

What also stood out to me was the “can do” attitude that the team has. This isn’t about making promises to customers that can’t be kept, it’s about working collaboratively with our customers as almost an extension of their team to find a solution to the problem.

As someone who comes from an analytical and problem-solving background, this really appealed to me.

Q. Could you tell us a little more about your role as Senior Solutions Consultant at GT Motive. What does a typical working day look like for you?

I work closely with both the UK Sales team and the international product team. My role is to be the interface between commercial and product, to help make decisions on the direction of the products, based on local needs.

I am also passionate about connectivity within the industry and I am working in several areas to create partnerships between GT and the motor supply chain. This includes  everything from parts providers, claims systems, data providers, salvage providers, and everything in between.

My goal is always to move the products forward and ensure we’re offering our customers the features and modules that allow them to work more efficiently. We have several exciting new product releases upcoming and we’re looking forward to working with existing and new customers to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Q. Is there a particular area of motor insurance claims or estimatics technology you’re most passionate about?

I am keen to see more widespread use of green/recycled parts in the industry. Having visited a dismantling site recently, I was incredibly impressed at how vehicles are dismantled both for parts and to recycle.

With part availability being an issue over the past 18 months, green parts seem to have become a hot topic again and I’m pleased to see work providers starting to embrace this more.

Within GT, we have introduced a new set of API’s, which are specifically designed to improve part accuracy, cataloguing and also provide a sales channel for green parts providers. These API’s compliment the work we’re doing with parts platforms and discount OE parts providers, to ultimately provide choice to repairers and work providers.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved with green parts in the last 12 months and I’m expecting this to continue to be an area of focus for some time to come.

Q. What do you think are the capabilities of the GT Motive solution that really set us apart from others in the market?

From a technology perspective, the product really speaks volumes of what we are all about. It’s a fully online, web-based, cloud-based system. It is updated with new part data every 2 weeks and we therefore have much better accuracy than any competitor.

We also have far superior connectivity with BMS providers, such as Autoflow. The bi-directional integration is a game-changer and allows for users of Autoflow to avoid having to rekey data in multiple systems.

The other capability that shouldn’t go unnoticed is our people. Our bodyshop team, support team, and online training team are incredibly well thought of in the market. They will always go above and beyond to assist customers and I believe the longest a support ticket has been outstanding is 4 hours. We resolve issues as soon as possible because we care about how these problems impact our customers business.

Q. What would you say the opportunities are to improve and expand on our current GT Motive platform capabilities?

There has been a lot of hype over the last few years about AI and how this will revolutionise the industry. We have a product called GT Fusion, which is connected to a number of household names in the image recognition space.

We have created an open eco-system whereby AI providers can send us the damage they have identified on the images and we translate this into an estimate on GT Global. This means that our customers can work with whomever is their preferred image recognition provider, and they are still able to use our product seamlessly.

I see there being huge growth in this area in the coming 1-2 years as the technology is improving rapidly. Whilst I don’t expect this to replace the expertise of an assessor or an engineer, I can see it having useful application in total loss decision making, repair routing/steering, and damage appraisal at end of rental.

These types of use case can all be backed up by our award-winning estimatics platform, providing customers with an end-to-end journey that matches with their preferences.

Q. And how do you see our platform adapting in the future, do you think there is room for us to navigate into new industries?

The product is continually adapting. We’ve made some massive improvements in the last few years and for me, the configurability and adaptability of the solution is what sets us apart. We operate in 28 countries, all on one single platform.

Our focus is very much on motor and I do not see this changing in the near future. We have gone from about 200 repairers on our platform to 1,000 repairers in 2023 and we’re here to support those customers and any others that join GT in the future.

Q. Now for our final question, what do you think is going to be the next “big-thing” in the industry soon?

I am really interested to see what some of the big vehicle manufacturers are going to be doing with the masses of data that the vehicles are producing. Connected car data is something that I am really interested in and I would like to explore how that data could be utilised in both a claims process and also in a repair setting.

I can see a really compelling offering where the best AI provider for image recognition is using GT for repair calculations and the decision on repair operations is being complimented with connected car data.

You can be sure that whatever the next “big thing” is, GT will be at the front of the queue, working with our customers to make their ambitions a reality.

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