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Meet Antonio: An Interview with Our Product Manager

Antonio GT

Join us as we sit down with Antonio Fernandes, Product Manager for GT Motive, to hear about his experience within the industry, thoughts on our solution and how the market is predicted to evolve over the coming years with advancements in technology.

As GT Motive continue to expand in the estimatics space, we’re delighted to be joined by Product Manager Antonio Fernandes, as we deep dive into technology innovations, product usability and how the needs of our customers will adapt in the future.

Hi Antonio, could you let us know how long you’ve been with GT Motive?

A: Hi, I joined GT Motive in September 2006, so it’s been 16 years now. During this time, I had different roles, starting as a technician in the Data Base Team for a couple of years, and moving then to the Product Department where I used to work as Product Manager for different GT Motive solutions. Currently I am one of the GT Global Product Managers, specialised in the UK market. 

And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join our team?

A: I had worked in the Automotive Industry, but to be honest, nothing to do with software development, estimatics, and/or claims & repair management. Joining GT Motive was a completely new and challenging experience for me. I had heard about the company, their international expansion plans, and how quickly GT Motive was growing, so I decided to apply for a job, and here I am.

Could you tell us a little more about your role as Product Manager at GT Motive. What does a typical working day look like for you?

A: As a Product manager I am mainly responsible for understanding and representing the customer needs, defining the vision for our product and prioritizing product features and capabilities. A typical working day for me includes internal meetings with the different GT teams, and meetings with customers and potential partners to define the best possible solution for our customers and users.

Is there a particular aspect of technology innovation you’re most passionate about?

A: Whatever is related to the automobile sector. Autonomous vehicles, the connected car, electrification, improving safety, human machine interfaces, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics are just a few technological trends in the automotive industry that I do like to follow and learn about.

What do you think are the capabilities of our offering that really set us apart from others in the market?

A: I would probably go for the fact that GT Global is an online platform, with a responsive web-design, and compatible for use with any device and browser. This means that users will be able to work from anywhere, without having to bother with installing or updating anything, and take advantage of always working with the most up to date information in real time. In addition to that, thanks to the GT Global API capabilities, our customers (insurers, repairers, accident management companies, etc.) can import all the information they require in real time into their management systems, to have the most current view of work-in-progress and help in automation of subsequent decisions and processes.

And bringing with you a wealth of experience, what do you think the key is to transforming all the technology and machine learning behind the scenes, into a great end user experience?

A: Technology and machine learning can bring a lot of possibilities to enhance both the product user experience and the UX design process. Artificial intelligence could help UX designers to achieve the dream of moving away from designing generic products for an entire customer base to customizing or personalizing the user experience for each customer or user.

Question is: could technology and machine learning take over UX design jobs?

My guess is that this is still in a learning phase, I mean today AI can learn from human experiences, but it does not yet have the ability to think. An artificial intelligence would be inefficient in trying to solve complex design issues that UX designers can easily solve. 

That is why the combination of both (AI and UX designs) holds tremendous promise for the future. It will be responsibility of product developers to make optimal use of AI technologies that can increase the capabilities of products.

Do you think there’s opportunity to improve and expand on our current platform capabilities?

A: There is always an opportunity to improve. We´ve really started growing in the UK market, and although we do believe that the platform already includes a wide range of capabilities that allow our customers to work without any problem, I am pretty sure that in the coming months we will receive feedback from them, that will help us to make the platform better.

Aside from that, and following our philosophy to focus on what is really our core (estimatics, compliance and review), we will look at potential integrations with partners that could support part of the process that we don´t cover with our current platform (such us subrogation, salvage, etc.)

And how do you see our platform adapting in the future, with our customers each having different needs as they diversify?

A: This is an interesting question. Having customers with different needs is always a challenge from the product management point of view.  In our ideal world all the customers would have the same requirements, but we know that this is not always like that. As we are present in several countries, we can say that somehow, we are used to that.

As I said before, our plan is to focus on our core, and try to be an open platform where other partners could be part of the process. This would make us to be more agile and adaptable depending on the customer needs.

Of course, the use of new technologies and integrations will be key in the future. I even see our customers using our platforms without using an UI provided by us. We understand that the primary systems for our customers are their management systems, and we want them to be able to do as many things as they can from their systems, and this can be possible using different APIs we make available to our customers.

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