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Meet David: An Interview with Our Executive Director (UK and Ireland)

David Vella - GT Motive

Join us as we sit down with Executive Director for GT Motive UK and Ireland, David Vella, as we hear about his experiences within the industry, thoughts on our solution and how the market have responded to GT Motive so far.

Having joined at team at GT Motive in 2020, David has been an incredibly key player at developing and implementing strategies to successfully promote GT Motives’ mission, and increase the market share of our cloud-based estimatics platform.

David has made an incredible, positive impact since joining our team as Director of Business Development, and now two years later, he guides experts across the UK and Ireland as our Executive Director.

Q. Hi David, as Executive Director for the UK and Ireland, could you start off by telling us about the biggest trends that you’ve seen emerge in estimatics since you joined GT Motive? 

David Vella – “ Of course, when looking at the estimatics trends, not just in the UK but across all the markets that GT Motive are present, it is clear that there is a growing requirement for better access to ‘real time’ data. GT Motive provide this via the cloud with richer, modern integrations to third-party technology, that further enhances our user experience.”

Q. Do you see GT Motive as a business which follows trends, or sets new ones?

DV – “The obvious answer is yes, of course we see ourselves as trend-setters however, it’s for us we’re much more focused on benefiting our users. Of course, we’ve entered a market that was once dominated by a single-solution and challenged the status quo in the way that we are the first cloud-based solution in the UK. However, first and foremost we built a platform to address the needs of our customers. 

When analysing the market, it was clear there was a requirement for a cloud-based system that allowed connectivity to the insurers and supply chain and everyone in between; but listening and understanding our customers needs are more important than setting trends. We want to create solutions our users will truly benefit from.”

Q. Considering your extensive knowledge of the wider industry, do you feel as though this expertise has helped you bring new perspectives to GT Motive?

DV – “Yes, absolutely. My experience has given me a greater understanding of the operations within the claims process, within repairers, bodyshop management systems, insurers and how this all comes together in the supply chain.

Understanding our customers’ needs is ultimately the most important thing, it drives us to adapt and innovate in a way that will be beneficial for all users. We have their needs at the centre of everything we do, and my experience, in addition to the experience of our UK team is what really sets us apart.”

Q. It was recently announced that GT Motive would be freezing prices for 2023. How did this decision come about?

DV – “ We are well aware of the challenges facing the market currently, just like our customers we feel the pressure of high costs. We wanted to support our customers and the wider industry by doing our bit to minimise these rising costs by confirming the freezing of our estimating fees.

Not only does this ensure our customers can take control of their finances, it also further differentiates us and provides more choice within the market.”

Q. What would you say are your key business goals for GT Motive as we move into 2023? Let’s say, top 3.

DV – “Our top 3 business goals for GT Motive in 2023 include offering better connectivity to the industry, connecting all key stakeholders to facilitate a better claims environment. Of course, we want to grow within the UK market, invest in our solution and continue to improve to meet the needs of our customers. We also want to further the adoption of choice within the market and level the playing field to ensure work providers can use the platforms they want to use.”

Q. You have recently been expanding the UK team an incredible amount, do you plan on investing more in the New Year, and expanding your team even further? If so, where do you see the investment?

DV – “We have built a brilliant team of professionals who share our passion and aspirations to bring choice in to the market. As mentioned previously, listening and understanding the needs of our customers is key, and our team brings a host of experiences that enable us to build a wider understanding.

The areas we are keen to invest in are in our field sales, to get more of our team out on the road engaging with our customers and ensuring the platform meets their requirements. We want to focus on training and support, which will enable our customers to get the most from our solutions.”  

Q. You’re incredibly passionate about your job, do you see that same passion in your team?

DV – “Absolutely. Our whole team is fully aligned in what we want to achieve. We have our purpose and that’s what drives our passion.

We share a common goal, to bring a quality solution to the UK market, something that is highly accurate, and cost effective, and will benefit not only it’s users but the whole claims market.”

Q. And finally, the big question. What do you think is next for GT Motive?

DV – “We’re an ambitious team, we are always looking to grow, invest and develop solutions that will keep us and our customers ahead of the game.

GT Motive are prominent throughout Europe, thriving in markets that we haven’t yet targeted in the UK. We are evaluating where we can bring value, just as we do across the globe, and this will provide further opportunities for GT.”

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