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Meet Hayley: An Interview with our Insurance Manager

Hayley Thomas - Insurance Manager UK

Join us as we sit down with Hayley Thomas, UK Insurance Manager for GT Motive, to hear about her experience within the industry, thoughts on our solution and how the motor claims market is predicted to evolve over the coming years.

As GT Motive continue to expand in the estimatics space, we’re delighted to be joined by Hayley Thomas who joins the team as our new UK Insurance Manager. In this interview, we deep dive into claims management, insurance processes and how the needs of our customers will adapt in the future.

Let’s hear from Hayley.

Hi Hayley, could you let us know how long you’ve been with GT Motive?

Hayley Thomas – “I joined GT at the beginning of April, so I am fast approaching my 3-month anniversary! The time has really flown but it’s been a fab few months’ working with the team and appreciating in detail the journey they have been on and the exciting times ahead.”

And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join our team?

HT – “I’ve worked in the Motor Insurance/Repair Industry for the last 20 years across various roles in Insurance Claims, Repair, Networks and Accident Management.

An opportunity presented itself earlier in the year to meet with David Vella, our Executive Director for the UK and I was immediately impressed with what GT Motive have to offer and their work ethic and values, to support the industry whilst constantly innovating and acting on new ambitions for development.”

What was it that made GT Motive stand out to you as a great place to work?

HT – “Immediately after meeting David and members of the team in the UK and Spain, it was very clear that everyone is so passionate about the GT vision and goals. I’ve never had more people wish me a long and happy career and a personal welcome from Angel Martinez our Group CEO made it clear that GT Motive is a great place to work.  When you have a workforce so engaged, teamed with a service offering that’s innovative and adding so much value, it made my decision very easy.”

Could you tell us a little more about your role as UK Insurance Manager at GT Motive. What does a typical working day look like for you?

HT – “As GT Motive has grown significantly in the UK over the last 12 – 18 months, the team naturally also needed to grow. A typical day for me is on the road meeting with Insurers building lasting partnerships that consistently add value.

I collaborate with our partners to continually improve their operations, providing innovative solutions and integration possibilities that really tackle their pain points internally and across their supply chain. Strategic partnerships are so important to everything we do, so investing time in building these relationships is key to fully understanding at every level how we can develop together creating a solution that benefits all.”

Is there a particular area of motor insurance claims you’re most passionate about?

HT – “In more recent years I’ve worked closely with repairers and insurers understanding the changing market, the impacts we have seen since Covid, Brexit and the effects of inflation. So, for me to be part of a team that is determined and actively wanting to improve the claims operation through delivering significant savings and operational benefits for the repairer, which in turn benefits Insurers, is something I feel passionate about.”

What do you think are the capabilities of the GT Motive solution that really set us apart from others in the market?

HT – “I think that GT Motive offer a sustainable solution that was built with partnering in mind. As the first of its kind in the UK, GT brought something the industry was craving; choice and innovation. We have a product that was built to integrate and is fully cloud-based with the ability to be accessed from anywhere, on any web-enabled device, with no installation required.

But in addition to this, it delivers significant efficiencies and savings for our partners. It’s more than just providing a different choice, it brings real value and I believe that now the market is beginning to really reap the benefits, we’ll see more exciting changes within the claims industry.”

Do you think there’s opportunity to improve and expand on our current platform capabilities, to deliver a better and more streamlined claims experience?

HT – “There’s always room to improve, and I think it is so refreshing to see that the GT Motive team really understand that. That’s why GT Global was built so open and flexible; to allow our customers to utilise the great claims technology that already exists, just in a new innovative way that connects everything and everyone.

As Martyn Rowley (UK Business Development Manager) has said in a previous interview, the team are full of ‘yes’ people. People who are eager to please and will do all in their power to ensure if our customer wants to adapt, integrate or improve elements then we sure will try our best to ensure that happens.

So, the short answer, yes, there’s always room for improvements but with a flexible platform that is possible. Innovation and adaptability are what this market needs in order to be fully future-proof.”

How do you see our platform adapting in the future, with our customers each having different needs as they diversify?

HT – “I think that’s probably one of the strengths of GT Motive. Our UK team have so much combined experience across the industry that we enjoy working closely with partners to constantly explore new ways of doing things.

We will not stand still, we will continue to develop, enhance and build upon what we have. We are collaborative and support integrations, making us completely scalable and working in partnership with 3rd party suppliers where relevant to bring further efficiencies.”

Is there more we can do to support insurers?

HT – “Absolutely – Innovation is something we talk about a lot at GT Motive but we are continuously striving for better solutions and improved functionality to support our partners.”

Do you have a top goal in mind that you’d love to achieve with GT Motive this year?

HT – “We’re growing rapidly, it’s really exciting! We have 80% coverage in leading repair networks, and we see 12,000 estimates come through our platform every month. For me it’s thrilling to be part of this growth.

My goal is to help our customers fully realise the benefit that GT Motive can bring them and their supply chain. It’s a leap of faith moving away from ways of working you’ve known for so long, but I am eager to work closely to seamlessly overcome these barriers and help them to begin to reap the benefits.”

Thanks so much, Hayley. Our final question, what would be your number 1 piece of advice for insurers out there today when it comes to looking into new technologies?

HT – “Embrace it and be open to new solutions and the benefits that are there to be realised and don’t delay!”

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