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Meet Jane! An Interview with our Implementation Project Manager

Jane Riley

Join us as we sit down with Jane Riley, Implementation Project Manager for GT Motive, to hear about her experience within the industry, her thoughts on our solution and how the market have responded to our solutions so far.

As GT Motive have become an ever-growing presence in the UK automotive sector, utilising Janes’ knowledge of the supply chain and estimating roll outs will be an enormous advantage.

We’re delighted to welcome her onboard, and there’s no doubt she’ll make a great addition to our small yet mighty team.

Hi Jane, let’s start off with how long you’ve been with GT Motive?

J – “I joined GT Motive on 16th May, so 4 and a half months.”

Could you tell us a little more about your role as Implementation Project Manager at GT Motive?

J – “My role means that I am involved in all discussions with new and existing clients to ensure that any new initiatives are effectively managed and rolled out successfully for all stakeholders. This involves documenting processes and plans and ensuring that I am talking to all areas of the business and our customer to ensure that clear lines of communication are maintained throughout the implementation process.

I was fortunate to join GT Motive at the start of the onboarding process for a new major work provider client and this has certainly been a baptism of fire for me! It provided a perfect opportunity to review current processes and make recommendations for areas of improvement to make the process slicker and smarter. Several of these recommendations have been implemented and we are already seeing the benefits of these changes.”

And what made you choose us? We can imagine it’s a change from Vizion and a prior 16 years with Allianz!

J – “It is well known that when I left Vizion it was to walk away from the automotive industry and to work in a totally different environment. At the time I felt that I needed to recharge and just do something completely different. Long story short this didn’t work out as planned and I saw the job advertised on LinkedIn for GT Motive and thought “why not”. Luckily, I passed the interview and the rest as they say is history!

I had previously worked in the insurer and work provider side of the industry so to work in the estimating side completes the set! GT Motive is just starting to break into the UK market so to be a part of the team that is going to provide the UK market with its first credible alternative to the current estimating solution was too good an opportunity to miss.”

How are your customers finding our solution so far? What’s feedback been like?

J – “To be fair the feedback from repairers had been mixed, in the main this is due to users having to become familiar with a new estimating platform and no-one really likes change. That being said, once users are up and running with the system the feedback is very positive with sites asking to use the platform for estimating work outside of their existing insurer contracts. It is a major benefit that the platform is cloud based with little or no outages providing reliability and flexibility for the users.”

Jane, you bring with you a wealth of experience, 25 years in the automotive claims industry! So in your personal opinion, what do you think of the GT Motive solution?

J – “Can I take the 5th on that one! Seriously though the GT Motive solution has come a long way since I first saw a demo many years ago. GT Global is different to the current UK provider and does take a short while to get used to the functionality however there would be no point in just producing a replica of the current provider. I liken the differences to an I-Phone and Android; both do the same thing, but the buttons are in different places!

I like the fact that it can be used anywhere, laptop, tablet, phone and that the process is transparent, repairers and engineers can see the same information, at the same time if necessary so there is no issue with “sending” the estimate to the right network code with the possibility of the estimate falling into a black hole. The GT Motive solution is still evolving as we are listening to and acting on feedback received from all users which is very refreshing.”

Do you think there’s opportunity there to improve, expand on or make the implementation process smoother for our customers?

J – “Of course, there are always opportunities to improve any process. We are currently reviewing all areas of the implementation process and have already identified pinch points which we will be working to remove in the coming months.”

In your experience, what are the biggest barriers to change you’ve come across?

J – “Timing is one of the biggest barriers, most repairers are experiencing unprecedented challenges across all areas – staff retention and recruitment, parts delays, courtesy car provision, average repair costs and increased volumes of claims. To be asked to implement a new estimating platform now which will impact on productivity initially whilst the users familiarise themselves with the platform was always going to be a barrier. Of course, it can be argued that if you waited for a “good” time to implement this change it would never happen but these challenges need to be taken into consideration.”

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