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Meet Martyn! An Interview with our Business Development Manager

Martyn Rowley Makes the Move from Audatex to GT Motive

We sat down with our Business Development Manager, Martyn Rowley, to learn more about his experience within the industry, his view of our platform and how the market have responded to us and our product so far.

Hi Martyn, so what made you want to move from Audatex to GT Motive?

M – “I’d been at Audatex for about 13 to 14 years, and I just thought it was about time for a change; not just in my life, but in the industry.

The new technology that was there with GT, just wasn’t with Audatex at the time. With Audatex you have to download it to the PC, and then that causes other problems. Just the data alone can take ages to download. But with GT its all cloud based. I looked at the system when David approached me, and I said ‘actually, that’s good’. If the system would have been poor, I would still be Audatex.

The value for money, for what you’re getting with GT, is great. It’s a good, well priced product. And the main thing is, at last the UK marketplace has got a choice!”

So, what in particular was it about GT that appealed to you?

M – “There’s an old saying ‘the answer is yes, now what’s the question?’. And that’s what you get when you speak to the team at GT. They will go out of their way to say, ‘come on yes we can do this!’.

That real positive attitude is great to have when you’re in a business. When a customer asks for something, they don’t just say ‘oh no, or we want a lot of money for that’. They say ‘okay lets explore that’ and next thing you know, its done.

The whole company is like that so the thing that actually appealed to me most is the people. Before I even started the conversations I was having were absolutely fantastic. That yes attitude!”

Tell me a little more about your role at GT and what it includes

M – “My title is Business Development Manager for UK and Ireland. My aim really is to support the customer base, be there for them when they need anything. I currently demonstrate the system to any new enquiries, anyone coming on board with an insurer contract. I carry out a lot of the training online and the implementation of the system. But to be honest, implementation wise, there’s not a lot for me to do, as it’s a cloud-based system, I give them a log in and a link and away they go.

We’re very busy and that’s a great thing, and my role is basically to bring more customers on board and show them the system and not to be afraid of change.”

How have those you’ve worked with responded to GT so far?

M –“The response from insurers and repairers has been great. Really positive. I mean, there is bound to be some reservations. But on the whole people have received the system very well. You’ve got to remember that Audatex have been a dominant platform for nearly 30 years. For a new platform to come and try to break that domination, its going to be really hard.

But It’s been really positive. The reaction mainly is how it’s a fresh-looking platform.”

What are the biggest barriers to change you’ve seen?

M – “We have got less repairers; the covid situation changed lots of people’s attitudes about work. We’ve got an aging population of staff too with no new talent coming through.

The barrier is we’ve got less staff, the industry can’t get parts or courtesy cars, it’s really busy and people are booking way in advance. Then all of a sudden, someone from Birmingham comes into your bodyshop and says ‘I’ve got a great idea, lets have a new estimating system’. You can imagine the reaction, and you’ve got to have empathy with that but once you get to grips with it, you’ll love it.

A lot of people want to stay in the norm, but once they’ve got used to it…So honestly, the biggest barrier is many have a resistance to change and the volume of work in the bodyshops.”

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