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NEWS: Vizion Offer Repair Network Choice With GT Motive.

Vizion, the UK’s largest repair network, have partnered with GT Motive to provide repairers with access to GT Motives flexible estimating solution.

GT Motive has a seamless integration with Vizion systems, allowing a number of repairers the ability to use GT Motive as an estimating platform for one of their clients. Granting access to GT Motive’s transactional pricing model, the business enables repairer choice and to only pay for the system when they use it, resulting in significant cost savings for its network.

Chris McKie from Vizion said: “We are acting in the best interest of our network to allow choice where possible, identifying GT Motive to be a reliable solution for our members. GT Motive’s collaborative environment provides repairers with the ability to improve their workflows, as the platform works directly within Vizion systems and will soon deliver bi directional updates, directly between AutoFlow and GT Motive, offering reduced keying, reduced admin effort and removing the associated cost, with a richer user experience. Empowering repairers through a unified approach to connectivity and providing benefit from the ability to choose.”

He continues – “We have always been committed to driving positive change and ensuring where we can, that changes in the market are done in the right way and for the right reasons. Working with GT Motive is another step to fulfilling this commitment.”

GT Motive, recently awarded the ‘The Repairer’s Choice for Best Estimating System’, have created GT Global, a cloud-based and collaborative system that can connect into existing systems in addition to repairer management systems, with a view to increase operational efficiencies.

David Vella, executive director of GT Motive – UK & Ireland said: “We have a long-standing history working with repairers across Europe, and we’ve created our platform to ensure repairers can work much more efficiently. All stakeholder operations are unique within the claims process, and we aim to optimise each one to ensure a harmonised process. By allowing all users to work on a more modern and collaborative system, we hope to reduce frictional costs and increase operational efficiencies for the whole network”

GT Motive and Vizion have both strongly championed choice within the industry that was previously dominated by single solution processes.