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Our response to the ABP Repairers Report: How GT Motive can help support the global parts shortage and overcome technology fears 

ABP repair report

As The Auto Body Professional (ABP) Club continues to grow and is increasingly recognised as the most credible trade organisation within the UK Body Repair Industry, their longstanding partner, Mirka (UK) Ltd, has shown its support for the publication, with its 13th annual edition of the State of the Industry Report 2023.

In its 2023 edition, it’s identified that whilst yes, there are clearly challenges, there are also many opportunities presented by advancing technologies and solutions to the global parts shortage which have been posing a threat to the industry.

Due to this, the State of the Industry Report acts as a unique asset to enable businesses to anticipate the changing landscape and keep ahead thanks to the knowledge it provides, helping them shape their business direction with a view to maximising their growth potential through the services they offer.

Let’s take a look and see how GT Motive can help find a solution.

The ABP Repairers Report: parts shortages and the solution

According to The State of the Industry Report, up to 62% of jobs are currently being affected by a shortage of parts, with 53% of repairers saying they are using more non-OE parts than in 2022.

However, the report also reveals that the use of green parts has remained high with 78% of bodyshops saying they already used them prior to 2023, and 67% saying they used more green parts in 2023 than 2022. In fact, 77%, said that they opt for using green parts when a new part is not available, and 76% when the new part is not available in a reasonable time scale.

This is a positive sign, as it signals that repair industry continues to see green parts as a sustainable and cost-effective solution when new parts are either not available, on back order or there’s a significant delay in that part arriving.

How green parts can shape the future of vehicle repairs

As the UK repair industry moves towards a more sustainable future, green parts are soaring in popularity, with consumers and professionals alike striving for the most environmentally friendly vehicle repair options available.

Recognised as a sustainable source, green parts are the used parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). When a vehicle has either been written-off or is end of life, there may be some parts which have been left undamaged and therefore, can be re-used. In fact, green parts can also be known as “used”, “reclaimed” or even literally “recycled” parts, with every single green part purchase contributing towards the recycling industry in the UK.

But ultimately, “green” parts prevent the need for a new car part to be made, saving resources and energy at the same time. What’s more, according to additional research from Transport & Environment, it’s estimated that recycled vehicle parts are the equivalent of saving 80 billion barrels of oil each year in manufacturing and transport processes, while also increasing the lifespan of countless existing vehicles.

Green parts are also considered the best available quality of used parts, and therefore a very popular choice for repairers when physically sourcing parts.

This is simply because the OEM would have only used these parts in the first place, to match the vehicles’ exact specification during the time it was first built. The parts would have had to pass strict quality control processes and be a very high standard, otherwise the part would not have been fitted to the vehicle.

The ABP Repairers Report: technology scepticism and the solution

Whilst advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are nothing new anymore to bodyshops, more and more vehicles are featuring them today, which means that many repairers  are either getting to grips with the technology themselves, or looking to external providers as a more cost effective route than bringing this equipment in house.

In fact, the State of the Industry Report shows that 56% of alignments have been carried out by those bodyshops themselves, and with a further 37% of alignments  carried out by specialist companies remotely or on-site, and 7% being carried out by dealers.

Embracing the right technologies

With the help of our team of data experts, GT Motive can design and build collaborative and integrated SaaS based estimating solutions, and a cloud-based workflow platform that removes operational friction between insurers, engineering experts, and repair networks, all working in collaboration to provide the best possible customer experience for the claimant.

But the key difference with GT Motive is that we’re open and easy to integrate with, offering a vast range of existing partnerships to leverage different areas of the claim and repair process. Our open APIs and integration capabilities are something other estimating providers have conventionally avoided, whereas we offer a stronger, more holistic approach to claims management by using our estimating system as a platform of partnerships with both new and established technology providers.

What’s more, we also offer free access to ombudsman approved total loss valuations, presenting a complete portfolio for claim handlers and a one-stop-shop for supporting a claimant.

How we can help

By fusing experience, innovation and talent, GT Motive has been creating software systems and solutions for estimating and repair valuations for the automotive industry for almost 50 years.

Our extensive knowledge of the vehicle repair process has led our team to develop a portfolio of services which uses state of the art technology to connect insurersrepairers, engineers and accident management companies, all within a modern and effective technology environment.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to suit each organisations’ unique needs and operations, all by offering the very best resources, expertise, tools, and support.  What’s more, we also offer direct access to OE parts prices and ensuring that our system is always up to date, accurate, and readily available.

Our prices are, in fact, updated automatically and daily in our solution, with new vehicle models being added bi-weekly, making us the most reliable and credible estimatics solution for insurers, brokers, and bodyshops alike, and the most efficient solutions to rapidly sourcing green vehicle parts.

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