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The benefits of having access to more parts providers

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With the global automotive market facing delays in parts, claimants can expect more total loss evaluations from insurers. However, with more genuine part prices available to repair networks, it will provide the ability for an insurer to run Total Loss Avoidance schemes to minimise borderline  vehicles going to salvage after an incident.

The more parts providers we partner with, the better the claims process is for all stakeholders

At GT Motive, we’re committed to offering the best possible solution for the entire supply chain so that every single stakeholder can help achieve an end goal.

This is because we believe that a business’ strength comes from its unity, and that’s why we always strive to support a collaborative community between all parties, including repairer management systems, network management systems, and our parts provider partners too.

In fact, our solution has been designed to act as a complete digital ecosystem for the supply chain to work from, where we simplify and improve information exchanges using technology to connect all stakeholders in the process of managing a claim and the repair life cycle.

The GT Motive solution is also collaborative and ‘open’, meaning that a parts provider is able to partner with us easily, allowing stakeholders to access all relevant and up to date parts pricing and availability information they need when assessing a total loss.

This brings together the entire supply chain by making the data easily accessible and transparent between each stakeholder, without them needing to spend time, money and resource in tracking down the information manually.

Working with more parts providers means better accessibility

The global parts shortage has left the automotive repairs industry facing delays to get customers’ vehicles fixed. Now, excessive delays are a growing concern, however they are not necessarily a secret.

All stakeholders should be honest about their challenges in meeting vehicle repair deadlines, especially if there is likely to be a delay, but having access to more parts providers does go someway to mitigating that risk, as some providers may have a quicker or easier access to certain parts than others.

The claimant feels the benefits too

There’s no escaping it – the economic landscape has been a very uncertain place recently, with prices continuing to rise across energy and the general cost-of-living.

For a claimant, this unavoidable financial challenge simply adds to an already stressful situation, and so it’s important that they’re supported throughout their claims process. This is because the real impact to them will be a change to the ECD, which then means they may likely have a longer time without their vehicle. For example, where the claimant has no guaranteed courtesy car such as in fault claims, delays of any length can have a real tangible impact on their day-to-day lives.

But using technology solutions such as GT Motive, also helps to minimise any room for human error when it comes to keeping those costs continuously up to date. This is because it’s always possible for mistakes to be made when writing down metrics or numbers, meaning it’s also easy to miss a pricing update. However, when all that data is stored online, automatically updated and synced between all parts providers, it’s likely to be much more accurate.

Taking the first step to a new partnership

We’re delighted to have recently partnered with OEC to provide our mutual GT Motive customers with access to competitive OE parts pricing, directly from their VISION collision platform. OEC partners with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers, bodyshops, garages, and management system providers to give their customers a streamlined workflow.

This officially marks our first partnership with an OE parts provider, and GT Motive Executive Director, David Vella highlighted how proud we are, with “our customers now benefitting from competitive pricing to fit genuine parts, which will provide a better quality repair and increase productivity.”

Damon Milne, International Product Director | Trade & Collision at OEC has been a big supporter of the partnership too, commenting that OEC  are “delighted to have GT Motive as a partner… this now  gives OEC access to additional repair estimates for our clients, generated by the GT Motive platform, allowing us to increase genuine parts usage and save additional vehicles from being written off.

This is a partnership which started in the UK in 2023, but the hopes are to extend into markets across Europe in the coming years, as together, GT Motive and OEC share their commitment for connecting stakeholders via modern eco-systems.

Our partnership will enhance vehicle estimation operations for all stakeholders within the automotive claims industry and in the words of David Vella, “we’re continuously making improvements to our modern estimating platform to ensure repairers can complete repair cost calculations quicker and more accurately… we’re committed to offering the best experience for our repairers, this includes doing our bit to ensure repairers have access to a wide range of parts”, of which our partnership with OEC, is hopefully the first of many.

A technology partner with complete flexibility

At GT Motive, our estimating solution allows our customers to instantly access the exact right data they need, from any location that has web access. Whether that be insurers demanding accuracy, or repairers seeking comprehensive information.

As a result, insurers, accident management companies and bodyshops alike, all rely on our estimating solution to support them in their supply chain, allowing for better flexible working opportunities throughout their organisation.

There’s no better estimating solution to offer flexibility to your employees and supply chain than GT Global, but don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself.

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