GT Motive for Insurers

What do we mean by ‘reducing risk’?

The automotive claims industry deals with so much data on a day-to-day basis that even the slightest human error can cause a ripple effect which impacts the entire estimation, repairs and overall claims process. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that risks are kept to a minimum, and any potential document errors, legacy systems or data sources are investigated for risk of misinformation.

Whichever challenge is recognised as being the biggest risk to a business, there are solutions out there which can help.

GT Motive is one of them. Keen to know how?

GT Motive keeps digital data safe

GT Global hosts over 100 TB of data and processes 60 million parts prices per month, from 175 different data sources. This enormous data stream feeds into daily updated prices and fortnightly vehicle model updates; all of which allow stakeholders to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of the claims process, removing the need for duplication of entry and any supplementary estimates.

But all of this data isn’t just stored in an office file, it is hosted safely and securely online, eliminating the need for manual intervention to upload, download, print out or physically store any of the information. It’s also updated automatically and always to the most recent status, meaning that stakeholders can rest assured that not only is every user on the exact same version of the software with the same parts information, but no sensitive data will be left around for any passer-by to pick up.

GT Motive is cloud-based, not a legacy system

legacy system is technology which is outdated, but still useable. They do still do what they were built for originally, but as they are technically ‘older’, they come with several risks which have the potential to damage businesses significantly.

For insurers, continuing to use legacy systems just is not worth the risk, as working with out-of-date software means that anything goes wrong, breaks or completely stops working, then there’s limited resource available to fix things quickly, let alone fix them at all.

What’s more, since the dated technology means updates cannot be administered over the cloud, it means that technicians need to physically come to a site to attempt the fixes manually. This means that any data hosted in that legacy system is vulnerable, and there is even a risk that the data could be wiped completely from the system, with no-one knowing how to recover it.

In comparison, cloud-based systems such as GT Motive, can be updated almost instantly, by rolling out bug fixes, pricing changes, new features and much more, digitally. This means that all systems connected to the internet, no matter their location across the globe, can all be configured to use the same software at the same time. There’s no need to bring in each individual computer or tool, everything can be updated at once instead, with almost zero business downtime.

GT Motive reduces manual intervention

Manual intervention is when a physical person works on or completes a job.Reducing manual intervention, however, means automating those jobs, and finding new ways to cut-down the need for human input without impacting results.

In terms of reducing risk, reducing manual intervention is so critical because no matter what, no manual task is ever bullet-proof.

It’s always possible for mistakes to be made when writing down metrics or costs, and it’s easy to miss a pricing update when there is so much data being transferred between stakeholders. However, when that manual intervention is removed or reduced, and instead automatically synced to the entire network, it enables users to do more in less time and focus effort on activities which support profitability and productivity.

GT Motive can ensure all payments are made accurately and securely

Using our cloud-based solution for electronic invoicing eliminates the delays that come from posting, routing, sorting and re-keying paper documents. Instead, electronic invoicing allows teams to send invoices electronically, directly into stakeholder workflow systems for faster processing and approval.

It also helps to reduce the number of rejected invoices too, as there’s less need to re-key the data. But the most crucial reason why electronic invoicing helps to reduce risk, is that there is much safer storage and easier access to critical data.

Another key benefit of a fully integrated and utilised electronic invoicing facility is that all invoices are created and based on approved estimates, which were validated at the outset of the engineering process.  Electronic invoicing is also fully GDPR compliant and comes with enhanced security, making it much more secure than having paper invoices or openly accessed files.

Reduce risk with reliable, accurate solutions from GT Motive

Built to connect all stakeholders and network partners within a single, secure platform, GT Motive offers a modern and intuitive solution for complete claims management that reduces claims costs and cycle times, whilst increasing efficiencies and protecting businesses.

We do this by offering a more accurate and up to date data within the system, such as part prices, VIN query and ADAS identification. As a result, GT Motive can help reduce the number of supplements required and any double keying, enabling your productivity to remain at the highest level.

But that’s not all.

Our cloud-based technology built on a single database, common structure, with a single integration point to the platform across all of Europe, allows us to offer the most complete catalogue of both collision and maintenance, based on accurate OE data.

Not only does this allow us to offer an accurate 98% car parc coverage, it also means that GT Global can form a secure part of your disaster recovery planning as well, acting as a complete digital ecosystem for your claims management processes.

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