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What is API?

What is API? GT Motive UK

In a world populated by acronyms there’s always some which you might not be overly familiar with. Thankfully, the way society communicates and interacts with one another in the 21st Century means that awareness and understanding can be virtually instantaneous. Much like API itself.

Application Programming Interface is the colloquial term for a software intermediary which essentially creates provisions for two applications to converse. And the fundamentals of API are nothing new.

We’re facilitating API tech pretty much constantly throughout our daily lives. Every time you use a handy app on your smartphone. Send an instant message by the same device. Or even swiping a screen to learn what the weather forecast is. All powered by application programming interfaces.

How We’re All More Familiar with API Than We Might Realise

The moment you engage with an app on your smartphone, said app connects to the internet, forwarding digital data to a server. It’s then the server’s job to retrieve this information, translate it and carry out the task as per the user’s instructions. Culminating in the data required being pinged back to your smart device.

Your app then interprets the data, constructing the information which subsequently appears on your screen in an intelligible and readable way. All of which plays out in seconds.

As a real-time example of an API in practice, consider how a hotel database is facilitated. As an interface, an online hotel booking system requests information from it, so that individuals can determine availability of rooms and specific dates. For its part, the API intuitively responds to the user’s booking request, presenting relevant and updated information within minutes.

That’s the gist of what an API is and how it works for all of us.

How We Use API As a Crucial Part of Our Business

At GT Motive, our all-encompassing ethos is to create a truly limitless environment built on the premise of connectivity and collaboration. Our customers in the automotive, fleet and insurance sectors rely on our claims eco-system to provide the technology and services to deliver the best service to their customers.

API is the driving force behind this core functionality. Affording us the key tools to foster and perpetuate an environment of connectivity between all parties with permissions, and which ultimately works towards the collaborative objective of enhancing the customer journey.

Our experts streamline data exchanges using technologies that enable individuals and organisations instrumental in the process of managing automotive claims to connect data and systems.

From insurance, accident management and body shop repairs centres to fleet, leasing and warranty companies, our modular and seamlessly integrated flows have been designed to adapt according to the needs of our clients’ businesses. In turn, this borderless engagement encourages growth.

What Good is a Fast and GDPR Compliant Integration Without an Encrypted Security Protocol

The answer in short is, it’s not fit for purpose if it doesn’t have security safeguards actively in place. However, an API gives users a layer of security by its very nature.

The reason being that smart, API-enabled devices communicate with small portions of data, sharing only what’s necessary amongst those parties who require access. Nothing more.

Based on the configuration of the API, only relevant data is accessible to third party service providers. Who typically might include management system providers and parts suppliers.

In terms of sector compliance, GT Motive strictly adheres to the GDPR regulations which came into effect as of May 2018.

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