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How and Why a Better Relationship with your Supply Chain Can Benefit Claims Operations

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For the estimatics industry where masses of data is being processed between different solutions, any delay in getting hold of accurate information when it’s needed can not only be frustrating, but also has a huge knock-on effect for every stakeholder within your supply chain.

From licensing flexibility and ease of deployment, to accessing the latest software versions over the cloud, building a better and stronger relationship with your supply chain can help to benefit the entire claims operations.   

But why, exactly, is this so important?

A better supply chain relationship means more collaboration

Collaboration doesn’t just mean the data that’s accessible at the click of a button, it’s about being connected to the entire supply chain so that every single stakeholder can help achieve an end goal.

At GT Motive, this is something we pride ourselves on, as it allows us to offer the best possible solution for our customers.

This is because we believe that a business’ strength comes from its unity, and that’s why we always strive to support a collaborative community between all parties, including repairer management systems, network management systems, and other third-party platforms too.

In fact, our solution has been designed to act as a complete digital ecosystem for our customers, where we simplify and improve information exchanges using technology to connect all stakeholders in the process of managing a claim and the repair life cycle.

With this, we’re then able to design and build collaborative cloud workflow platforms that remove operational friction between work providers, engineering experts, and repair networks, all working in conjunction to provide the best possible customer experience for the claimant.

Network partnerships can be expanded

Adopting a collaborative and ‘open’ platform means that a business is able to offer a complete portfolio of tools for claim handlers to easily access all relevant information they need when assessing a total loss.

This brings together the entire supply chain, making data easily accessible and transparent between each party. In fact, integrations are one of the best things an estimatics business can offer in today’s modern landscape, as having open API’s means businesses have a quicker route to market, and can actively seek partners who already have certain technologies available so they can hit the ground running without having to spend time, money and resource building out the technology themselves.

For GT Motive, this means collaborating with partners such as Autoflow, where our supply chain can now benefit from automatic price updates that will be shared across both systems instantly, eliminating the need for any manual intervention as the two systems will work in harmony to provide a more efficient process that can save repairers the monotonous task of rekeying into two different systems following changes in part prices.

Claims operations can benefit from added value

Another a key advantage to having a better relationship with your supply chain is that it works to add extra value for the overall claims experience to all stakeholders.

In other words, having a strong relationship with so many different streams, means that you are able to cast your business net even further and offer a much more streamlined, cohesive claims operation.

The claimant benefits from a better relationship too

Whether it’s by ensuring easy, effective communication such as on-demand status reports, ECD’s, or using simple to use technologies which can be accessed from any digital device, the overall experience of the claimant plays a massive part in the claims operation as well.

Ultimately, they need to be happy, and it’s not unrealistic for them to expect openness and honesty from all stakeholders. For example, mass inflation, energy costs and the global parts shortage affecting the automotive repairs industry means there may be delays getting their customers’ vehicles fixed. However, these concerns are not a secret.

Claimants themselves are experiencing the knock-on effects of mass inflation too, and so it would be fair to expect all parties to be honest about their challenges in meeting vehicle repair deadlines.

The last thing a claimant wants is to be strung a story about everything being in-hand or on-time, when the reality is that there are delays in the supply chain. It’s always better to be truthful, and especially in the current economic climate, most claimants would completely understand.  Despite all these delays, if communicated correctly, the customer is more likely to have a positive outcome regarding the repair process. Better communication means customers are more satisfied, which can mean a reduction in calls to the claims handling teams, which can impact operations efficiency. If the customer benefits, stakeholders do too.

Build a better relationship with your supply chain through GT Motive

Designed to connect all stakeholders and network partners within a single platform, GT Motive offers a modern and intuitive solution for complete claims management that reduces claims costs and cycle times, whilst increasing efficiencies.

Our solution is completely web-based and drives productivity through both accurate data and an open, collaborative approach.

This means we’re able to fully ensure that our data is always up to date, accurate, and readily available, from anywhere and at any time. In fact, our prices are updated automatically in our solution, with new vehicle models being added bi-weekly, making us the most reliable and credible estimatics solution for insurers and repairers alike.

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