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How and Why Your Business Can Benefit From Third Party Platforms

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When it comes to running a successful estimatics business, it’s not good enough anymore to a complicated system, with multiple logins for different systems. Instead, it’s about being connected to all claim stakeholders so that all data can be transferred securely, and accurately between all parties.

At GT Motive, this is something we pride ourselves on offering, as our third-party integrations and open APIs allow us to offer the best possible customer experience for the claimant.

In fact, our estimatics platform has been designed as a complete digital ecosystem for all our stakeholders – a central hub where we simplify and improve information exchanges using advanced, secure technology to connect all stakeholders in the process of managing an automobile claim.

With this, we’re able to support a collaborative community between all parties, including body shop management systems, network management systems and other third-party platforms too.

The result? A whole host of benefits for your business, such as:  

Communicating better in the new business landscape

The pandemic sparked a real boom for software integrations across the whole of the UK, and today it’s never been easier to connect with your team from anywhere in the world.

In this sense, third party platforms mean having your business communicate with insurers, engineering experts, and repair networks by using collaboration tools. This could be anything from basic chat functions to video conferencing services, such as Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams (which, according to The Verge, recorded having up to 145 million people using it daily since the pandemic).

Of course, using third party platforms such as this means all communication is securely stored in one place, but they can also serve as a central ‘hub’ to share documents, assets or general updates, removing any unwanted operational friction between the supply chain.  

Being able to scale up, quickly

Working with third party platforms means that a business is able to offer a complete portfolio of tools for claim handlers to easily access all relevant information they need when assessing a total loss.

This brings together the entire supply chain, making data easily accessible and diagnosed between each party. In fact, third party platforms are one of the best things an estimatics business can offer in today’s modern landscape, as having an open API means businesses can actively seek partners who already have certain technologies available so they can hit the ground running without having to spend time, money and resource building out the technology themselves.

Adding value can be limitless

Another a key advantage to working with third party platforms is that there are no limits to the number of partners that can be brought on board.

For example, GT Motive partners with Inspektlabs, BDEO, ControlExpert, ClaimGenius, Verisk and Cazoo Data Services to name but a few, as well as offering free access to ombudsman approved total loss valuations is also an added value integration too.

In other words, having a strong partner network with so many different streams, means that you are able to cast your business net even further.

Building a healthy, prosperous relationship with your supply chain

Having recently partnered with JDK Technology, Demerie Hill, Executive Director of Product Management & Delivery said that:

“collaborating with innovative technology companies benefits our bodyshop and repairer users when completing estimations… being able to directly pull claimant photos from JDK’s technology right into our system, GT Global, provides a service that will not only make life easier for repairers but will also give them and insurers much more visibility during the claim process.”

Layton Davies, Managing Director of JDK Technology supported this completely, saying that:

“just like GT Motive, we put bodyshops and repairers at the forefront of our values and create products and services that bring genuine solutions to the repair industry that really make the difference.”

A perfect example of exploring a third party platform, and enhancing the experience and relationship of all supply chain stakeholders.

And finally, it makes the claimants’ life easier

Using third party platforms helps minimise any room for human error. This is because it’s always possible for mistakes to be made when writing down metrics or costs, and it’s easy to miss a pricing update. However, when all that data is stored online, automatically updated and synced to all platforms, it’s likely to be much more accurate.

What’s more, making this data accessible also means a more efficient workflow too. For the claimant, this is simply seen as getting the job done quicker, without any delays in waiting for documents or updates.

With third party platforms, everything should be available, for anyone working on the claim to access, so there’s no need for hold ups.

A ‘plug and play’ technology partner with complete flexibility

At GT Motive, our estimating solution allows our customers to instantly access the exact right data they need, from any location that has web access. Whether that be insurers demanding accuracy, or repairers seeking comprehensive information.

As a result, insurers, accident management companies and bodyshops alike, all rely on our estimating solution to support them in their supply chain, allowing for better flexible working opportunities throughout their organisation.

There’s no better estimating solution to offer flexibility to your employees and supply chain than GT Global, but don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself.

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