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Uncovering The Top 5 Claimant Concerns

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There’s no escaping it – the economic landscape is a very uncertain place right now. Costs are continuing to rise, future planning is uncertain and supply chain delays are causing a ripple effect in the motor claims industry.

For a claimant, these unavoidable challenges simply add to an already stressful situation, and so it’s important that they’re supported throughout their claims process elsewhere, wherever possible.

The good news is however, that their top 5 concerns may be ones that the very heart of a supply chain can address directly.

Let’s explore how.

1. Easy, effective communication

Supply chain impact:

The global pandemic sparked a real boom for collaboration platforms within many UK businesses, making staying connected now easier, but more essential than ever before.

There are many options out there which all cater to different needs, from basic chat functionality to comprehensive video conferencing. But whichever a business determines as being the right tool, it’s important that it works for everyone.

Whilst yes, it should serve as the ‘hub’ to share documents, assets or general updates, online apps should also allow your teams to liaise with each other whenever they need to, and having a collaboration platform should allow every member of your organisation to connect instantly, even if they’re 50+ miles away from each other.

Claimant perspective:

For the claimant, they want to be able to make contact, whether that’s human or not. Updates, on-demand status reports, ETAs, it’s all information which in the claimants eyes, they should be able to request without jumping through hoops.

2. Simple to use technologies

Supply chain impact:

Research from The Workforce Institute at UKG claims that as a result of COVID-19, 87% of UK workers have been propelled into the future of work by accelerating their existing digital transformation projects. What’s more, 86% are enjoying the benefits of these new technologies, and remain optimistic about potential business benefits, including 51% hoping that their company’s digital transformation efforts will continue to create a better experience for the entire supply chain.

This data mainly stems from one of the biggest drains on workplace productivity – one that’s particularly prominent in the estimatics industry – which is the ever present need to have always-on, up-to-date systems.

Not only does this ensure that everyone throughout the entire supply chain is always working with the most current information, but it also means there are fewer physical restrictions to being office based, as all the data is stored safely and securely in the cloud. In other words, it’s just a few secure clicks away.

Claimant perspective:

Using technology solutions also helps minimise any room for human error. This is because it’s always possible for mistakes to be made when writing down metrics or costs, and it’s easy to miss a pricing update. However, when all that data is stored online, automatically updated and synced to the entire network, it’s likely to be much more accurate.

3. Accessible data

Supply chain impact:

Any GT Motive customer can instantly access their own data at any time, from any location that has internet access. With MI reporting, these come via a separate file when the customer requests it, and if the customer is integrated, they can even receive information directly into their management system. This means that there’s no need to request access, ask for reports to be sent or wait for access permissions to be updated.

Claimant perspective:

Making data easily accessible makes for a much more efficient workflow. For the claimant, this simply means that the job can get done quicker, as it guarantees there’s no delay in waiting for documents or updates.

Everything should be available, for anyone working on the claim to access. No hold ups.

4. Fair, transparent pricing

Supply chain impact:

GT Motive only ever charge one set fee, per estimate. That means no monthly costs for when you’re not using the solution, and you only ever pay for exactly what you need.

By removing any additional costs such as VIN fees, imaging fees, service fees and transactional fees, as well as any dramatic monthly costs, we’re able to help relieve the pressures for brokers and bodyshops alike.

Claimant perspective:

Taking costs down for stakeholders could mean prices for customers are impacted too. Having a ‘pay per use’ means that we’re able to support claimants through challenging financial times. As of right now, that’s something so many people across the country are facing, so protecting claimants as much as possible throughout this by helping to keep costs to a minimum, is something GT Motive are proud to commit to.

5. Honesty and integrity

Supply chain impact:

The continuous rises of fuel and energy costs, combined with a global parts shortage, has left the automotive repairs industry facing delays to get their customers’ vehicles fixed. Now, the cost-of-living crisis has caused global gas prices to reach a record increase in of 54%, according to Ofgem, and “excessive delays” are a growing concern with a survey conducted by the Motor Ombudsman highlighting that this is impacting up to 60% of businesses in their efforts to keep up with demand.

However, these concerns are not a secret.

Claimant perspective:

Claimants themselves are experiencing the knock-on effects of mass inflation too, and so it would be fair to expect all parties to be honest about their challenges in meeting vehicle repair deadlines.

The last thing a claimant wants is to be strung a story about everything being in-hand or on-time, when the reality is that there are delays in the supply chain. It’s always better to be truthful, and especially in the current economical climate, most claimants would completely understand.

Supporting the claimant

At GT Motive, our estimating solution allows stakeholders to instantly access the exact right data they need, from any location that has web access. Whether that be insurers demanding accuracy, or repairers seeking comprehensive information.

As a result, the entire supply chain are able to confidently rely on our estimating solution as the tool to support them in their claims handling process, allowing for better collaboration, communication and claimant experience.

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