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What Data Do I Have Access to on GT Global?

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Built to connect insurers, repairers, and accident management businesses, GT Global offers a modern platform that provides visibility and accessibility to the information needed to manage motor claims effortlessly.

To us, having access to accurate, up-to-date information through just one holistic system, means that you have full visibility of all elements of your claims and can therefore enable your business’ productivity to remain at the highest level.

Our priority is to allow our customers to instantly access the exact right data they need, at any time, from anywhere. And with GT Global, we’re able to offer exactly that.

Let’s explore how.

What is GT Global?

GT Global is a comprehensive ecosystem which encompasses a cloud-based estimating system for calculating the cost of repairs on parts, labour, and paint following a collision, mechanical breakdown and/or inspection appraisals using OEM figures, which includes VIN identification, AZT paint calculation and links to Thatcham Research methods.

It’s built on a single database and common structure with a single integration point to the platform across all of Europe, GT Global offers the most complete catalogue of both collision and maintenance, all based on OE data.

How is GT Global different?

Offering a fresh approach and a modern platform, GT Global can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of your claims process; helping to deliver an exceptional customer service and experience. GT Global works to remove all operational friction throughout your IT infrastructure and supply chain, delivering flexibility and connectivity with all partners. It also offers a transparent ‘pay per use’ pricing structure, no minimum contract term and free training, as well as it’s cloud-based model which allows for seamless, automated data updates and no downtime

What data does GT Global host?

GT Global hosts over 100 TB of data and processes 60 million parts prices per month, all from 175 different data sources.

With parts prices updates daily and vehicle models updated every 2 weeks, GT Global ensures that all prices within the platform are always up to date, therefore removing the need for duplication of entry and any supplementary estimates.

These updates never need costly or long installations, meaning users are always online and working to optimum efficiency.

The system also includes all regional paint systems and providers to fulfil local workflows such as AZT, Thatcham and VRN lookup and can be configured to connect with other providers as required. What’s more, as VIN Queries are included as standard, users gain access to specific build sheet data across all main manufacturers increasing the accuracy of estimates and reducing errors.

Can I access my own data through GT Global?


Unlike some of the other estimatics platforms, any GT Motive customer can instantly access their own data at any time, from any location that has internet access. With MI reporting, these come via a separate file when the customer requests it. If the customer is integrated, they can receive information directly into their management system.

This means that there’s no need to request access, ask for reports to be sent or wait for access permissions to be updated. At GT Motive, we believe that all of our customers should have easy and transparent access to their information, and be presented with information through insightful reporting to support the analysis of all business intelligence.

In turn, making this data accessible and insightful through custom MI reporting, customers can make better decisions and have total clarity on every aspect of their business.

But we don’t stop there. Customers can also request data feeds containing any amount of information from the system to be sent daily, weekly or monthly, in whichever format best suits their business needs.

Is GT Global easy to implement?

Yes. Thanks to its cloud-based offering, GT Global doesn’t require any hardware or lengthy installations. Instead, software and data updates happen automatically, leaving customers with an always-on, always accurate solution they can rely on.

What’s more, GT Global prides itself on being open and collaborative, offering better integrations with key market players, management systems, and other 3rd party market data sources. This makes it future proof and sustainable, assuring customers that there is always room for growth.

Why choose us

With GT Motive, we offer the very latest references, labour times and spare parts prices in our cloud-based estimating solution. This allows our customers to instantly access the exact right data they need, whether that’s for an insurer demanding accuracy, or repairers seeking thorough updates.

We’re constantly updating our data points to ensure our entire supply chain have the most precise data, always. For example, new vehicle models are added bi- weekly to our OEM prices, with data being updated daily in our solution. This helps us to offer an accurate 96-98% car parc coverage, making our system a highly reliable tool for a claims department.

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