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What Support Is Provided By GT Motive?

Online support team in an office

By fusing experience, innovation and talent, GT Motive has been creating software systems and solutions for estimating and repair valuations for the automotive industry for almost 50 years.

Our extensive knowledge of the vehicle repair process has led our team to develop a portfolio of services which uses state of the art technology to connect insurers, repairers, engineers and accident management companies, all within a modern and effective technology environment.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to suit each organisations’ unique needs and operations, all by offering the very best resources, expertise, tools, and support.  

But what exactly does that support look like, and how does the service from GT Motive really stand out?

We support our customers by speaking their language

At GT Motive, we speak to our network daily, however, we also completely appreciate that not everyone within our network will speak the same technical language, and sometimes it can be difficult for customers to get the support they really need, in a way that they really understand.

Because of this, we have a dedicated support website which has been built for our customers. This includes written FAQ documents, how-to videos, and a series of guides and manuals designed to cut through the jargon and get straight to the answers.

We update our supporting documentation often, but should our customers be unable to find the help they require, they can contact us via live chat and we will be happy to help answer any questions they may have.

We support our customers by answering their queries as quickly as possible

No matter how big or small a query may be, our priority is providing the best help we can in the quickest, most efficient way, ensuring the least disruption and wait-times for our customers, and we’re proud to say that at GT Motive, 93% of our incoming calls are answered in under 30 seconds by our best-in-class support agents.

Our support phone lines are open from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 12:30 Saturday, with our call centre team are on hand to liaise with the necessary departments or stakeholders in order to help answer any questions.

But for those customers who need an answer instantly, you can also access our live chat function via our website. This is one of our most popular communication choices for our customers as it gets them straight through to an agent right away, meaning that even if their query is something as small as a password reset, it can be actioned quickly and correctly with the help of a GT Motive expert. 

We support our customers with the right people on the ground

Our team specialise in simplifying and improving all information exchanges with the latest technologies available, connecting all stakeholders in the process of managing an automobile claim.

These professionals are our true experts in their field, and with the rising success of GT Motive over the years, we have seen our organisational structure stretch massively in terms of experience, with none other than Steven Hames, Hayley Thomas and Andy Douglas all joining us after extensive careers within the industry.

Our team are always growing, expanding their knowledge and expertise and always looking to do more for our customers; they’re the most important asset we have, and absolutely critical at providing the best support.

We support our customers by listening to them

In the words of Executive Director for GT Motive UK and Ireland, David Vella, “listening and understanding our customers’ needs are more important than setting trends… we want to create solutions our users will truly benefit from.”

To us, David’s words really resonate, so much so that it’s deeply imbedded into our values here at GT Motive.

Our aim is to always collaborate, automate, integrate, and innovate throughout everything we do, all in order to offer the very best support, to all of our customers, all the time.

An estimatics solution like no other

Built to connect all stakeholders and network partners within a single platform, GT Motive offers a modern and intuitive solution for complete claims management that reduces claims costs and cycle times, whilst increasing efficiencies.

Our solution is completely cloud-based and drives effective collaboration through both accurate data and an open, collaborative approach.

This means we’re able to fully ensure that our data is always up to date, accurate, and readily available, from anywhere and at any time. In fact, our prices are updated automatically and daily in our solution, with new vehicle models being added bi- weekly, making us the most reliable and credible estimatics solution.

But don’t just take our word for it; experience GT Motive for yourself.

Request your free trial today.