GT Motive for Insurers

What Our Core Values Mean To Us

Collaborate, automate, integrate and innovate; these are the core values which drive everything we do here at GT Motive.

But these are so much more than just words to us. They form a culture that is so deeply embedded throughout our business, aligning everything and everyone, together.  

The question is, how do we embody them?

Collaborate: We listen to our customers’ challenges and needs; sharing our global knowledge and experience to create unique solutions.

Collaboration doesn’t just mean the data that’s accessible at the click of a button, it’s about being connected to the entire supply chain so that every single stakeholder can help achieve an end goal.

At GT Motive, this is something we pride ourselves on, as it allows us to offer the best possible solution for our customers.

This is because we believe that a business’ strength comes from unity, and that’s why we always strive to support a collaborative community between all parties, including repairer management systems, network management systems and other third-party platforms too.

In fact, our solution has been designed to act as a complete digital ecosystem for our customers, where we simplify and improve information exchanges using technology to connect all stakeholders in the process of managing an automobile claim.

With this, we’re then able to design and build collaborative cloud workflow platforms that remove operational friction between insurers, engineering experts, and repair networks, all working in conjunction to provide the best possible customer experience for the claimant.

But we don’t stop there.

Collaboration is so deeply embedded into our internal culture that it’s driven from all corners of our environment. So much so that when we sat down with Antonio Fernandez, Product Manager for GT Motive, for a recent interview, Antonio commented that “our philosophy is to focus on what is really our core expertise, such as estimatics, audit and engineering. We then aim to look at potential integrations with partners that could support additional processes such us subrogation and salvage.

And it’s exactly this philosophy that Antonio speaks of which makes collaboration such an important core value at GT Motive. The idea that our portfolio is ever expanding, exploring, and collaborating with the rest of the supply chain to offer the best customer experience, for everyone.

Automate: We automate systems and services to remove friction, increase productivity and remove human error.

For example, users of GT Global, and Autoflows’ body shop management system, can now benefit from automatic price updates which are shared across both systems instantly, eliminating the need for any manual intervention.

Through this process, the two systems work in harmony to provide a more efficient process that can save repairers the monotonous task of rekeying into two different systems following changes in part prices. Instead, GT Global and Autoflow integrate seamlessly, sharing these price updates across both the estimating system and the body shop management system creating less room for error and more efficiency.

Likewise, our automation also allows insurers to mandate their processes too, driving compliance across their networks. Our customer, stated they increased their auto authority from 47% to around 80% – an automation which increased efficiencies for all parties and ensured that everyone is able to work from the same book, at the same time.

Integrate: We seamlessly connect solutions and platforms in a secure and controlled manner.

From partnering withJDK Technology to provide additional imaging services for bodyshop customers, to working with Percayso to provide their users with free access to ombudsman approved total loss valuations, integration is one of the best things an estimatics business can offer in today’s modern landscape.

It allows so much opportunity for businesses have a quicker route to market, and actively seek partners who already have certain technologies available so they can hit the ground running without having to spend time, money and resource building out the technology themselves.

For us, this makes integration an absolute core value, as we’re seeing more and more companies open their eyes to just how great an integration with our platform can be for their claim’s operations and efficiencies, including Eastbourne Coach Finishers who recently became our 500th repairer to sign up to GT Global.

Innovate: We continuously strive for better solutions and improved functionality to support our partners.

In the words of Executive Director for GT Motive UK and Ireland, David Vella, “listening and understanding our customers’ needs are more important than setting trends… we want to create solutions our users will truly benefit from.”

Here at GT Motive, we believe there’s a key to achieving just that: build a great team.

Recruiting the right experts, each with essential knowledge and experience in key areas, doesn’t have to be an idealism. It’s happening right now, at GT Motive, and they’re already working on developing future estimating technologies to improve efficiencies and drive innovation in the industry.

To us, using collaboration, integration and automation all leads to continuous innovation, which is always evolving to benefit the customer.

And with David Vella seeing GT Motive as real “trend-setters”, we are determined to bring together those values into driving industry leading innovation, no matter what.   

An Aspirational Partnership

As we look to the future, our goal at GT Motive is to help create a smooth process for all stakeholders by improving efficiencies throughout the entire claims journey, so your customers can experience a quick repair, and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

To do so, our cloud-based estimating solution offers complete accuracy, as we’re able to constantly update our data points to ensure our entire supply chain have the most precise data, always. This includes new vehicle models being added bi-weekly to our OEM prices, which helps us offer a 96-98% car parc coverage, making our system a highly reliable tool for a claims department.

But don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself. And experience a transformational, collaborative new year with us by your side.

Request your free GT Motive trial today.